Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Turning the mind on itself again....

from WikimediaCommons

Leave it to "Futility Closet" to introduce me to yet another self-referential paradox I don't recall seeing before (although I've seen similar ones). This one called, "The Parity Paradox," is both simple yet a tad mind-numbing… and hey, that's how I like my paradoxes!:

It comes from a new book, "Paradoxes," by philosopher Roy Cook.

I wouldn't tackle it 'til you've had some morning coffee... may require caffeine...

And a couple of 'heads-up' MathTango notes:
1)  I now have up over at MathTango a post on math Platonism... a topic that I know is a yawner for some, but for any interested:

2) And looking ahead... I've just received answers back from Dr. Keith Devlin for my second interview with him, and Keith's fans won't want to miss it... even though there is NO discussion of math. It will take me a couple of days to format and prepare it for posting, but I can't thank him enough for taking time to respond to my inquiries on some non-math timely matters. So do check back for that, also at MathTango; if current events interest you, you won't want to miss Dr. Devlin's take.

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