Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Little Bedtime Reading…

…okay, NOT really!

This is probably the most heavy, dense mathematical piece (on the Riemann Hypothesis, quasicrystals, Freeman Dyson, and more) I've ever linked to, and I don't comprehend it… but, all things Riemannian fascinate me, and even without following the mathematics here I think this very long piece from John Baez communicates the beauty and profundity of methodical, thoughtful, mathematical analysis. Simply put, it is, I think, a beautiful piece of mathematical exposition (not at all unusual for Baez)….

It starts off thusly:
"Freeman Dyson is a famous physicist who has also dabbled in number theory quite productively.  If some random dude said the Riemann Hypothesis was connected to quasicrystals, I’d probably dismiss him as a crank.  But when Dyson says this, it’s a lot more interesting.  So I’ve been trying to understand his remarks on this.  And it’s been productive, in that I’ve learned some interesting things, and I now feel closer to seeing why the Riemann Hypothesis is a natural and important conjecture."

 ...On a side-note, I also find it interesting that Freeman Dyson advanced this original quasicrystal notion, which has generated a lot of interest (like so many things Dyson has advanced over the years), at the ripe young age of 85! Who says mathematics must be a young man's game!

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