Thursday, May 23, 2013

Woit, Weinstein, Lisi... Oh My!

For the physics crowd....

Eric Weinstein via Wikipedia

When Peter Woit writes about mathematician/economist Eric Weinstein and surfer-physicist Garrett Lisi in the same post, well, I have to take note of it!:

Weinstein is apparently giving a lecture at Oxford today (invited by Marcus du Sautoy) on some mathematical physics ideas (called "Geometric Unity") he has been working on for awhile (but not shared much about), which Woit analogizes to the outside-the-box thinking of surfer/physicist Garrett Lisi. Further, Peter writes:

"Both he [Weinstein] and Garrett are pursuing what seems to me one of the deepest questions around: what is the relationship between the SU(3)xSU(2)xU(1) geometry of the Standard Model, and the 4d pseudo-Riemannian geometry of space-time and general relativity? Garrett was trying to understand this in terms of E(8) symmetry, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Eric’s ideas about this are."
A bit above my pay grade, but still interesting-sounding stuff! Maybe in a day or two we'll hear more about it.

Until then, you can also read this long Guardian piece on Weinstein's work, which Peter linked to as well:

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