Friday, May 31, 2013

"Does Infinity Really Exist?"

Sorry for the late notice, but this upcoming live-streamed discussion of infinity (part of the World Science Festival) looks like it should be great (8pm.-9:30pm ET TONIGHT!!) if you've got no set plans for the evening:

 Moderated by Keith Devlin, with panelists Raphael Bousso, Philip Clayton, Steven Strogatz and W. Hugh Woodin. ...Like I said, oughta be great!

ADDENDUM: if you missed it, here it is:

It's fully two hours long and I found the first half-hour a bit dull/mundane (if you have any background at all with infinity), but for me it got more interesting with the entry of Hugh Woodin at around the 33-minute point and the physicist, Raphael Bousso (really enjoyed the chance to hear Woodin, who I'd not heard before and who is well-known for new work on the Continuum Hypothesis).

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