Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Two for Tuesday

1) Here's a very good, informative commentary on Keith Devlin's math MOOC course (now at the 6-week point), from one of those enrolled in it; especially good read for anyone contemplating taking the course:


(Keith is traveling right now, but it's probably close to time for him to weigh in as well with another update on the course at his MOOC blog.)

2) Overlapping a bit the Matt Springer piece I referenced a few days ago, here's another interesting post on the randomness of pi, this time from Huffington Post:


Speaking of pi, I'll leave you with this wonderful question wafting in your brain (...David Wees recently tweeted it as coming from his nephew, and I of course love its self-referential aspect):

"If Pi contains every possible sequence of numbers, does it contain itself?"

(...I think the answer is pretty clearly 'no,' but still a marvelous question from a nephew.)

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