Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday Potpourri...

A few sundry items for your artful attention and possible perusal ;-):

1) Lance Fortnow, computer scientist and author of "The Golden Ticket," (which I reviewed a bit ago), all about P vs. NP, is Sol Lederman's latest podcast guest at Wild About Math:

2) A nice little primer on the nature of real numbers and pi from physicist Matt Springer here:

3) An interesting-looking list here of 24 video lectures in number theory:

4) Just a heads-up that E.O. Wilson is scheduled to be on NPR's Sunday "Weekend Edition" (tomorrow). I assume there will be some discussion of his recent much-debated commentary asserting that scientists need not know advanced mathematics to be successful.

5) Finally, a site I only recently learned of called "Ideas Roadshow" which looks interesting and includes this recent 5-minute clip by philosopher James R. Brown on Platonism in mathematics:

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