Monday, April 8, 2013

Mandelbrot in 3-D

from Ondřej Karlík via WikimediaCommons

Everyone is by now familiar with the (2-dimensional) fractal Mandelbrot set... Jennifer Ouellette writes about a 3-dimensional extension of it called a "Mandelbulb" fractal here and the difficulty that was involved in creating a computer generation of it (at left):

(oh, and she ends with another video clip employing Jonathan Coulton's "Mandelbrot Set" song, which I can never hear too many times.)

 ...Meanwhile, many more folks across the Web have responded to E.O. Wilson's piece which I referenced yesterday. Of course it's a debate full of nuances on both sides, so I won't pursue it further, except to possibly give it a little further context by offering the (16-min.) 2012 TEDTalk where Wilson originally put forth his somewhat rebel view:

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