Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bogomolny's Insights...

One of the most expansive, fun, brimming math websites on the internet is Russian-born Alexander Bogomolny's "CTK Insights" or related "Cut the Knot" site. A recent interview with Alexander here:

He explains where the name of the site comes from, and has interesting things to say about math education in the U.S. as well (some of which reflects thoughts I put forth in my latest, longish MathTango post).

On a side-note, I just recently discovered that Bogomolny also has a nice page (with lots of links) devoted to one of my favorite topics, "self-reference" -- I discovered this while I was researching a classic problematic (self-contradictory) sentence: "Their are three misteaks in this sentence" (...think about it):

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