Monday, December 17, 2012

Geometer/Author Extraordinaire...

Who doesn't love geometry!!? (well, I know there are some of you, but I'm not sure I trust you ;-) ...I recently mentioned geometrician Alfred Posamentier's "The Secrets of Triangles" on my list of 10 books to consider during the Holidays for your math-enthusiast friends, and I was delighted to wake this morning and find that Sol Lederman's latest 'Inspired by Math' podcast is with Dr. Posamentier. They not only discuss his most recent book, but geometry and math education more generally, as well as some history; and also good to hear he has yet another new book on the way (on mathematical mistakes)!
This is a great interview with a great educator. It's 50 minutes, so you'll need to set aside some time (or just play it in the background while doing other Webby things), but ought not be missed:

Thanks for another inspiring podcast Sol!

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Sol said...

Thanks for the plug, Shecky. I've got a few other people I'm trying to line up for interviews who I think you'll like. One just published a book about "life."