Friday, December 14, 2012

Doors About to Open...

(Galton Board)

New York city's brand spanking new $22 million Museum of Mathematics (known as 'MoMath') finally has its public opening tomorrow, to begin exciting young minds about mathematics. No doubt there will be a slew of press articles (actually there already have been) on this grand new destination. Here is one from yesterday:

From the article:
"While MoMath’s hands-on exhibits may get kids excited about math for the day, Cindy Lawrence, the museum’s associate director, wants that excitement to stick with them for the rest of their lives. She suggests that math isn’t just an interesting hobby--it’s a lucrative career. 'The biggest employer of mathematicians in the United States is the National Security Agency. There aren’t enough qualified people to fill the available positions. It’s the same for companies like Microsoft and Raytheon,' Lawrence says."
…I'm tempted to say, 'Ohhhhh, to be a kid again!'… but, then, in a sense, I've always thought those of us who love mathematics are already eternally kids!! ;-)

YouTube channel for MoMath:

Wikipedia page:

One of the earliest posts I ever did on this blog concerned my own childhood fascination with a large Galton box (or quincunx) demonstration at a museum in my home state many decades ago… The below George Hart video of MoMath gives a hint of how much museum demonstrations have progressed since then!:

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