Saturday, August 25, 2012

More Math Bloggers On the Way

(via Cortega9 at Wikimedia)

Since I'm not directly in the K-12 education 'loop' I don't closely follow many of the jazillion math-teaching-oriented blogs that are out there, but there are many good ones... AND more in the pipeline all the time.

I just learned of a math "blogger initiative" that was begun this month to heartily encourage still more participants in instructional math blogging. Even with so many already-established math blogs, I'm all for this 'more- the-merrier' approach.
If you haven't heard of the initiative you can go here to read about it:

And then look at this kickstart of the initiative, linking to many of the new math posters as they get their feet wet in blogging:

If you're teaching or doing math, but not yet blogging... hey, what are ya waitin' fer? ;-)

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