Sunday, December 30, 2018

A Few Monthly Highlights


I no longer post a weekly math “potpourri” of weblinks but still get an urge to share some favorite bits from the internet each month. So, don’t know if this will become a monthly feature, but at least for this month will end by citing a few favorite items of the last several weeks (these are all things I tweeted out, so if you follow my Twitter feed you’ve likely seen them, though they aren't all mathy):

1)  A nice intro to Gödel & his work:

2)  Sean Carroll hosted Janna Levin for an hour+ on his wonderfully-varied Mindscape podcast:

3)  And on his podcast, Joe Rogan talked to mathematical physicist Roger Penrose for an hour-and-a-half:

4)  Meanwhile, someone please stop Matt Parker before he drives all of us insane:

5)  Ughh, student loan debt forebodes ill for the future of the U.S. economy:
[seriously, the student loan 'crisis' is just one of a small handful of issues that seem ominous to the American economy for the foreseeable future]

6)  In biology, a fascinating BBC segment on mega microbes flourishing beneath the Earth’s surface:

7)  As they occasionally do, an entire podcast of 'lateral thinking puzzles' via Futility Closet recently:

8)  Then there was this engineering ;) tweet that entertained me:

9)  Also from Twitter an interesting question & thread (especially if you're looking for reading suggestions!):

And lastly, a couple of fave cartoons from the month:
(ohhh, and a reminder that the 1965 best-selling political thriller "Night of Camp David" has now been aptly re-issued)

Happy New Year folks!... and keep in mind, if Trump & Pence are impeached early on in 2019, we'll then have President Pelosi!
Just sayin'....

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