Thursday, July 26, 2018

Of Contests and Interesting Folks...

Congrats to Dr. Nira Chamberlain who has won The Aperiodical’s 1st “Big Internet Math Off” soundly beating all interesting comers (well, the four he had to go up against)… but now the real question is, whether he or anyone else could’ve defeated Tadashi Tokieda of Numberphile in the contest, had he been an entrant ;) :

Anyway, for fun, I was thinking to myself if I could hold a sort of fantasy 'Big Math Off' with any 16 mathy folks of my choosing, who DID NOT compete in the recent contest, who might I pick. Quickly, I came up with 16 names (though a different day/week might result in a different set of names), in alphabetical order:

John Carlos Baez
Alex Bellos
Keith Devlin
Jordan Ellenberg
James Grime
Vi Hart
Brian Hayes
Kelsey Houston-Edwards
Erica Klarreich
Holly Krieger
Ben Orlin
Burkard Polster  ("Mathologer")
Grant Sanderson
Steven Strogatz
Presh Talwalkar
Tadashi Tokieda
...but really, there's no shortage of people to choose from! The Internet is an embarrassment of riches for math!

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Dr Nira Chamberlain said...

Thank you for your kind comments of congratulations. I tried to create a video of cats wearing hats and performing as a flash mob… on, a moebius strip but I ran out of time :-P

Dr Nira Chamberlain