Monday, June 25, 2018

Let the Betting Begin...

While patiently waiting for Donald Trump impeachment hearings (and maybe trial for treason) to begin, those wonderful folks at The Aperiodical have offered up some summer fun in the form of a 16-person, one-on-one, single-elimination, no-holds-barred, fight-to-the-proverbial-finish contest starting July 1st! — “The Big Internet Math-Off":
The brackets:

With no help whatsoever from Tim Chartier I’ve already filled in my bracket and have Evelyn Lamb trouncing Matt Parker in the final because, HEY, we can’t let some British dude who says “maths” and doesn’t even know how to spell “honor” win this thing! That would be unmitigated Bollocks!! [...Oooops, my bad! I've been corrected -- turns out Matt is an Aussie living in UK... same poor spelling, but if he's friendly with cockatoos then he's OK by me.]
[Unfortunately for Evelyn, my 39-year history with NCAA March Madness bracketology may indicate she’s now doomed, but ohh well. ...and it ought not go unnoticed that, by my quick reckoning, the creators have loaded/skewed this competition with ~10 British entrants out of the 16 total! -- so just like we did 230+ years ago, underdog America, we must whip their paltry English cardioid butts yet again!]

...if you're on Twitter you can follow all the festivities with the hashtag #bigmathoff.

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