Monday, May 1, 2017

Two From The Weekend

Passing along a couple of things from the weekend…

1)  It’s been around for awhile, but I only learned of the UK’s Chalkface Blog this weekend (through Twitter); worth checking out:

2)  Occasionally over the years, someone asks me to recommend a video series for learning calculus. Since I’m out of the teaching loop I feel hesitant or unqualified to make recommendations of some sites over others… BUT now, without hesitation, I feel free to recommend Grant Sanderson’s (3Blue1Brown) new beautifully-done series on calculus that begins here (and is still in production):

On Twitter, Mike Lawler writes, "The new calculus series from Grant Sanderson is so good that I basically have no words to describe it. Never seen anything comparable."

And if you wish to support Grant's brilliant work, he has a Patreon account here:

As I blurbed elsewhere this week, I can’t help but wonder if this sort of graphic presentation doesn’t represent what the eventual future of primary/secondary math education may look like in this country.

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