Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Saintly Erdös...

For Sunday reflection, commentary on Paul Erdös from Bruce Schechter in “My Brain Is Open”:
“To [Joel] Spencer and many other mathematicians, Erdös was a modern version of a medieval mendicant monk. Erdös is frequently called without a trace of irony, a saint. Indeed, there was something saintly in Erdös’s generosity, in his honesty and his support of the rights of the individual. But the essence of the saintliness his friends speak of was his total devotion to the mathematical pursuit of pure beauty. Erdös often said that ‘property is a nuisance.’ In fact, to Erdös all aspects of life — jobs, money, property, and intimate personal attachments — that interfered with his devotion to mathematics were a nuisance to be avoided. While few people would choose to emulate him, Erdös’s life was an example cherished by many.”

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