Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Still Fuzzy on Fuzzy Logic

"Classical logic is like a person who comes to a play dressed in a black suit, a white, starched shirt, a black tie, shiny shoes, and so forth. And fuzzy logic is a little bit like a person dressed informally, in jeans, tee shirt, and sneakers. In the past, this informal dress wouldn't have been acceptable. Today, it's the other way around."
-- Lofti Zadeh (1984)

Though it's been around for a good while I only recently began dabbling in "fuzzy logic," and now enjoying it as an approach that makes a lot of sense (reminds me also of the non-Aristotelian approach of General Semantics, and getting rid of the "law of the excluded middle"). I've enjoyed various essays by Bart Kosko in the past, but only recently learned of his connection to fuzzy logic (which drew me to the subject). Kosko's 1993 read, "Fuzzy Thinking" is a great introductory volume.
Another popular old-read (also 1993) on the topic is "Fuzzy Logic" by McNeill and Freiberger, but I didn't find it nearly as satisfying as Kosko's volume.

There are also many web videos available on fuzzy logic, but the few I've looked at didn't seem all that helpful or effective. I'd still like to find a good visual presentation. So if someone cares to recommend a good video, feel free to (and save me some time ;-) Or feel free to recommend other books and websites for the interested layperson.

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