Thursday, October 1, 2015

On Random and Deliberative Processes (College Admissions)

Woodbridge Hall/Yale U. via Nick Allen/WikimediaCommons

Well, Ben Orlin leaves me ROFLOL once again as he explains why... if you can believe it... he purposefully avoids things that 'feel like spiders crawling out of his eyeballs':**

It's all about the "factory process" of today's college admissions, specifically at a place like Yale.

Not only a fun read, but either his cartooning has gotten better over time, or I've lowered my standards, 'cuz even his lovable drawings are a hoot.

Not much math involved, but just some life-experience most of us can relate to either from our own lives or via our children or friends.

**  apologies for not providing a trigger warning before proffering that evocative phrase...

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