Thursday, May 14, 2015

There's Something About Sitan...

A VERY interesting/enjoyable (transcribed) interview with 20-year-old Harvard student Sitan Chen, a young STEM whiz who combines prodigious talents in math, music, and computer science:

He lists his current interests as  "pseudorandomness, algebraic topology, and algebraic geometry." And when he's not working on complex math and computer science problems, he's playing classical piano at Carnegie Hall.

He has his own blog here (but not for the average math doodler):

And a previous short Khan Academy interview with Chen here:

It's good to know that someone like Sitan is coming along, because, approaching his 40th birthday, Terry Tao is of course almost over-the-math-hill. ;-)

Below, Chen is in action a couple years back in a 19-minute video from the first article:

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