Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Nigerian Prince Needs My Bank Account Number...

"Hello, my name is Prince Kwami Sovay Kysong and I seek your asistance and discretion, as a known trustworthy, dependible individual for a transaction of utmost importance and profit for yourself and my own family sufering the ravages of our war-torn village...."

A couple years back I noticed that the Nigerian scams I was abundantly receiving in email were, contrary to what one might expect,  getting stupider and stoopider, and full of spelling/grammar mistakes. It seemed baffling to me that these missives were still being sent out in such numbers, until a couple months passed and somewhere online I read the explanation.

Today, Presh Talwalkar repeated the explanation (if you've never heard it before) of why Nigerian scammers are so insistent on letting you know that the bad-grammar, misspelled, insipid emails you receive, originate... from Nigeria -- because they want to filter out all those folks with a modicum of intelligence(!), and Presh uses an analogy to medical test results to help explain it:


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