Thursday, February 26, 2015

...Or, You Can Major in Art History (just sayin')

OK, next time, one of your students asks, "When am I ever gonna use this stuff?" perhaps this tidbit will help inspire them....

Recently, on the Quora website someone asked "Who is the wealthiest math major on Earth?".
The top answer (last I looked), drawn from a Forbes billionaires listing, cited these four gents:

Sergey Brin -- $29 billion,  BA in mathematics and computer science from the Univ. of Maryland
Steve Ballmer -- $21.6 billion, BA in applied mathematics and economics from Harvard
James H. Simons -- $14 billion, BA in mathematics from MIT and PhD from Berkeley
Andrew Beal -- $11.7 billion, studied math at Michigan State but dropped out before graduating

...just something to shoot for.

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