Monday, November 17, 2014

"Women In Maths"

The University of Nottingham has been doing a delightful series of short videos of "Women in Maths" (apparently inspired, in part, by Maryam Mirzakhani as the first woman to receive a Fields Medal last August). The introductory video is here:

And the other videos (focusing on individual mathematicians in ~2 minutes or less) can be viewed here:

The on-site video description reads in part:

"Although around 40% of the UK undergraduates in mathematics are women, there is a well-documented leaking pipeline when it comes to women choosing to do a PhD and then choosing an academic career path. The proportion of women mathematicians declines rapidly the higher one looks on the academic ladder. Unfortunately, this often makes women who do choose this career path invisible, to students who are about to choose their A-levels, even to students who are already pursuing a maths degree. Therefore the women at the School of Mathematical Sciences at University of Nottingham have made some videos to: become more visible and thus hopefully inspire others; fight stereotypes; talk about what it is like to be a mathematician in academia today and why they chose academia; communicate the passion they feel for what they do and what they love about it; describe the creativity needed for research. And yes -- it can be combined with having a family!"

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