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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Either Have to Laugh or Cry...

After last week's elections I either need something to laugh at, or, a triple-dose of Prozac....

Soooo... from the LMAO Dept.:  yesterday Steven Strogatz passed along (on Twitter) a site and old post I'd never seen before... if bad words put you off, don't even bother looking... but if you read it (after sending any younguns out of the room) and guffaw you can thank me for passing it along (newly-minted $20 bills would be much-appreciated)... or, if you read it and hate it, you can blame that low-down, good-for-nuthin, wacko Cornell math-obsessed professor:


...and I've already done the heavy-lifting for you to find the few-other math-related posts on the site:


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