Tuesday, October 21, 2014

He'd Be Embarrassed By All the Attention...

Wasn't planning to do a post on Martin Gardner's Centennial today (...I did my little reflection post on him this past Sunday), since I've covered him plenty in the past, and knew many others would be paying tribute this week. But so many good posts have gone up, I don't want to ignore them, and thus offer a small sampling below.
It's impossible to overdose on Martin Gardner, incredible thinker/writer that he was (who hardly took a math course beyond high school!), so enjoy...  (possibly I'll add additional links in next 24 hrs., but really there are too many to choose from!):






Also, my year-old review of Gardner's autobiography here:

ADDED:  http://en.chessbase.com/post/martin-gardner-s-100th-anniversary

One suspects Martin is now somewhere off demonstrating the joy of hexaflexagons to a whole new audience of enthralled angels... or, just maybe, he and Paul Erdös are sitting together, sipping coffee, and excitedly reading each other passages from "The Book." ;-)

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