Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Carpe Diem... no more

"Oh Captain! My Captain!"

Today, in remembrance of Robin Williams, am just re-running material from a post I did one year ago:

Came across this quirky little posting that linked together math, teaching, and one of my favorite Robin Williams' movies, "Dead Poets Society":

(the post is probably even more pertinent today with all the debate over math reform, than it was a year ago)

Watch the scene in the above post and then, if you've seen the movie, re-live the ending, that still tugs at me (not specific to math and perhaps only meaningful if you've seen the film):

...and apparently I'm not the only one moved by the above scene; check out the Twitter feeds started last night for "stands on desk" and "standing on desk":


R.I.P.  Mr. Keating. . . .

ADDENDUM:  [There are lots of wonderful tributes to Williams pouring in today, but the best one I've read thus far comes from Russell Brand in The Guardian:  http://tinyurl.com/ltr2qo9
(VERY worth reading; H/T to N. Ghoussoub for pointing me to it)]

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