Saturday, January 11, 2014 Futility Closet

"From research to recreational, from teaching to technology, from visual to virtual, hundreds of blogs and sites regularly write about mathematics in all its facets. For the longest time, there was no good way for readers to find the authors they enjoy and for authors to be found. We want to change that."
That's from the description of the site, which recently had its 3-year anniversary!

I suspect most math bloggers, but perhaps not all math readers, are aware of the aggregator site which has "collected over 700 [math-related] blogs and other news sources in one place," and aims "to be the best place to discover mathematical writing on the web." was a sort of specialty outgrowth of the more general and sites which preceded it.

Additionally, they also have a Facebook page here:

and, their main Twitter feed is: @MathbloggingAll

[I had emailed one of their editors a few questions for inclusion here, but haven't gotten those responses back :-( -- if they show up later, I'll insert them here.]

For any math-lovers not already familiar with them, Math Stack Exchange and MathOverflow (primarily for professionals) are other noteworthy math-related sites (involved, not in blogging, but in questions-and-answers).

On a sidenote: I'm so pleased to see Greg Ross, proprietor of "Futility Closet," break out on his own as he describes in a new (24-min.) interview with Boing Boing:

When I discovered Futility Closet many years ago I thought I'd stumbled upon a delicious, rare treat, few knew about... over the years I discovered more and more people who shared the exact same feeling, and Greg's site grew quickly by sheer word-of-mouth (or email). When I interviewed Greg for Math-Frolic over a year ago I asked him if there might ever be a Futility Closet book and now, YES there is!:

Sincere, well-deserved congratulations to Greg on his new endeavors, and much future success!

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