Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Food For Thought, or Over-concern?

A long recent post from "Math Misery" blog on the forthcoming "Man Who Knew Infinity" movie being made on the life of Ramanujan:


I assume most of us very much look forward to that film endeavor on an incredible mathematical legacy, but Manan Shah takes a different perspective and worries over how mathematicians might be depicted or stereotyped in the film. His long-read ends with this worrying summation:
"How will mathematicians come out at the end of this movie? More appreciated and admired? Or further pushed to the edges of society understood only as 'smart and odd and somehow necessary for society’s benefit, but their absence wouldn’t be missed because society doesn’t understand how much it relies on mathematics and mathematicians'?

"There are many ways to make this movie an absolute insult to mathematicians and there are many ways to really show one of the most amazing stories of a man whose contributions may never had been able to grace humanity had it not been for another man seeing past the biases of the time and reading the original letter filled with brilliant mathematics the way any person should — with an open and unassuming mind."

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Manan Shah said...

I should have said somewhere in my post, that I will go and watch the movie and I am looking forward to it as well. But I do wonder (worry) how the personalities will be movie-ized.