Thursday, September 26, 2013

Still Paradoxical After All These Years

When it rains it pours... Feel like I'm inundated with book news these days… probably feel that way, because I AM!!

Brand new from 94-year-old youngun' Raymond Smullyan "The Gödelian Puzzle Book: Puzzles, Paradoxes and Proofs" -- Gots to be good! Just don't know when I'll find time to work through it. The one reader-review thus far up at Amazon (no doubt written by his mother ;-)) reads as follows:
"Each time I think that Raymond Smullyan has reached his upper limit, he produces a book even more amazing, wondrous, and stupendous. He is a boundless source of creativity and ingenuity, and not even his advanced years deter him in the slightest. His latest "Gödelian Puzzle Book" is a true masterpiece - a mixture of humor and brilliance which entertainingly bares the very mind and soul of the eminent logician Kurt Gödel. I can not recommend this book enough!"
As I've written before, Ray Smullyan is another American gem on par with Martin Gardner... speaking of which, my first take (will say more later) on Martin's wonderful new autobiography is now up over at MathTango:

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