Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Computer Based Math"

A new education effort calling itself "Computer Based Math" appears to be taking a foothold. It is initially backed by Conrad Wolfram (and Wolfram Research) who has argued for some time now for a sort of revolutionary computer-based approach to math education, wherein calculating is downplayed in favor of learning coding and information technology applications. It is to be an international effort, and they are joining forces with UNICEF as announced here:

main page for the organization:
with an "about" page here:

They state that what is needed is "...a fundamental change to the school subject we call math. It needs to be clearly articulated and decisively acted upon. That's why Conrad Wolfram has founded He and many others see a growing chasm between math in education and math outside, between the increasingly irrelevant school math curriculum that contrasts with the critical and growing importance of math and its uses in the real world. They've observed how many of those involved in school math fail to appreciate the total transformation and fundamental change that computers have brought to this ancient subject in recent decades."

The website appears young at this point, rather thin on details and speaking in generalities, but probably worth following as things progress.

They have a Twtter feed (@ComputerMath) here:

(image from Open Clip Art Library)

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Silvester Norman said...

Mat Lab is the best example to use computer with maths.But this method also seems interesting.

Silvester Norman

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