Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tao Tackles Riemann

Honk if you can read and understand this:

...I'm pretty much lost from the word "meromorphically" on… :-(

But seriously, Terry Tao has put up a verrrry long entry on the Riemann hypothesis, which no doubt, serious number theorists will be scrutinizing.
For me the most interesting bit comes at the end, with the first comment posted, invoking a dose of Andrew-Wiles-deja-vu! I quote it in its entirety:

"So Terence Tao has posted a blog regarding the Riemann Hypothesis. He notes that his blog is one that makes 'no new progress' on the hypothesis, but later refers to the entry as one in which he is 'simply arranging existing facts together.'
"And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, would be the perfect way for someone as amazing as Tao to provide a subtle, suave introduction to a long series of posts, the culmination of which could be an actual proof to Riemann’s actual hypothesis.
"Has the already-brilliant Terry Tao solved the Riemann Hypothesis? Stay tuned to his quadrant of internet space to find out…."

I can't imagine that the above wishful scenario would be fulfilled… but hey, it never hurts to stay tuned. (And if Dr. Tao schedules a series of 3 lectures at an upcoming conference, well, the room will be packed to the rafters.)

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