Thursday, July 18, 2013


Just another potpourri of bits catching my attention lately:

1) An odd, quirky, but I thought interesting, little blog post here:

2) Kiki Prottsman (founder of Thinkersmith ), with a special interest in steering more girls toward computer science, is a great listen in the latest podcast from "Inspired By Math":

3) Will note that Hilda Bastian is moving to the Scientific American blog corral with a blog entitled "Absolutely Maybe" on statistics, epidemiology, and various clinical issues. I like that title… it reflects how I feel about pretty much most "science" these days!:

4) Off on a tangent, I suspect most math fans either are, or were at some time, interested in chess, in which case you'll find this blog post drawing attention to three of the greatest chess games ever played (from 1851, 1956, and 1999) of interest:

5) And finally, for entertainment (and since I've been seeing a lot of posts pertaining to 'game theory' lately), I'll repeat this clip that Steven Strogatz called "a stunning display of game theory," which I played here just a few months ago (...and which leads inevitably to the deep, pressing cultural question: is the game title of "Golden Balls" as snicker-inducing to a British crowd as it would be to an American audience???):

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