Friday, November 16, 2012

Strogatz One More Time

First, if you're sick of hearing about Steven Strogatz here, uhhh, visit someone else's blog today…
Second, just a disclaimer that I have no relation to, nor direct knowledge of Dr. Strogatz (never met the man)… in fact, I have virtually no relatives, friends, or direct acquaintances deeply involved in mathematics at all. ...When I promote folks on this blog it's simply because I'm honestly impressed with their math communication efforts.

With all that said... again today... a link to another recent piece centered on Dr. Strogatz, wherein he offers "7 creativity tips" for mathematicians and others, including the value of "loose and amorphous" (versus "rigorous") thinking, especially since "intuition is real." The tips are wonderful enough, but the post then ends with a fabulous (8-year-old) TEDTalk from Steven that I was unaware of on another of his favorite topics, synchrony (it's 21 mins. long, so try to make time for it):

And here's a little improved example from YouTube of the metronome synchronization demonstration that Dr. Strogatz uses in his talk:

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