Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pi = 2

A well-circulated paradox with a circle inscribed in a square results in π being equal to 4, but what I hadn't previously noticed was this similar James Tanton offering making pi equal to 2 (obviously considering these two paradoxes, pi must, on average, be equal to 3 ;-))


Sam said...

The youtube video is almost 5 minutes long. If you could summarize the pi=2 thing with a simple cartoon like the usual pi=4 one, that'd be really awesome.

"Shecky Riemann" said...

geee, folks don't have an attention span of 5 mins. anymore; where is this country headed!?
Actually, Tanton's video runs through 2 separate paradoxes, so the pi=2 one only lasts a little over 2 mins. (and you can see where he's headed a little over a minute into it).
...Besides I'd hate to have you miss out on Tanton's Aussie accent ;-)