Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tweet Tweet

just a few recent Twitter tweets...:

One from @BenVitale:

"There are only 31 numbers that cannot be expressed as the sum of distinct squares. And 128 is the largest one. Amazing!"

from @pickover this:

"Cool. Only one Pythagorean triangle exists whose area is expressed in repeating-digits: (693, 1924, 2045) with area 666666."

also @pickover offers this link to an old math joke:


from @DivByZero a quote:

“If ‘publish or perish’ were really true, Leonhard Euler would still be alive.”—Eric Bach

...and lastly, from @ProfKeithDevlin a note pertinent to TODAY:

"Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 5:00PM PST, Steve Hargadon is interviewing me live (w. audience Q&A) on "The Future of Education"

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