Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Revenge of the Stat Majors...

Remember the old days when math was the nerdiest of subjects, and statistics was the most boring area of that nerdy field... no more! Article from NY Times details that statistics is now a place to be IF you wish to be in demand!:


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The article notes that statistics is "a service field to other disciplines," much needed in today's world of massive digital data, and computers capable of processing it.

From the piece:
"Arcane statistical analysis, the business of making sense of our growing data mountains, has become high tech’s hottest calling. There are billions of bytes generated daily, not just from the Internet but also from sciences like genetics and astronomy. Companies like Google and Facebook, as well as product marketers, risk analysts, spies, natural philosophers and gamblers are all scouring the info, desperate to find a new angle on what makes us and the world tick. Computing has become cheap and available enough to process any number of formulas.
What no one has are enough people to figure out the valuable patterns that lie inside the data."

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