Thursday, December 22, 2011

Year-end Review...

For newer readers here, just a year-end list of some personal favorite posts from the last 12 months. Nothing particularly profound or deep about most of these; just touching on matters I happened to find interesting:

1) A Seemingly Impossible Task That Isn't
(a favorite paradox/puzzle coming from Raymond Smullyan)

2) Of Wheels and Circles and Points, Oh My
(another old mind-bending paradox)

3) Couple of Videos 
(couple of fun YouTube videos)

4) Fermat's Last Theorem
(a video on Andrew Wiles solving Fermat's Last Theorem)

5) Marilyn Rolls the Dice
(Marilyn vos Savant introduces another puzzle)

6) The Cantor Set
(the Cantor Set)

7) A Video Re-run
(A Bloggingheads/TV video with John Horgan and Jim Holt)

8) The Blind Spot
(Review of William Byers' book "The Blind Spot")

9) Kickin' Back With Cantor
(BBC documentary on Cantor)

10) Loser…
(just for fun)

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