Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wild About... Sol Lederman

"To me, math is about play... Math is art. I can look at a formula or solution to a problem and be in absolute awe, as if I were looking at a beautiful painting. I get a thrill from making connections, and from guiding people to make connections." -- Sol Lederman quoted in a Sante Fe, NM. news article

One of the things I've learned in less than a year of doing a "math" blog is the wonderful variety of blogs that are out there, from those geared to children to those intended primarily for PhDs., and everything in-between. Too many people don't realize the sheer range and diversity (and even fun) of approaches to mathematics that are possible; there are math blogs to suit almost anyone's taste.

One of the primary inspirations for me even taking a stab at a math blog was witnessing the popularity of Sol Lederman's "Wild About Math" blog --- it clearly demonstrated there was an audience for those who likely couldn't participate in math's higher applications, but who still find the subject fascinating, as an integral part of human life, and not merely as a classroom endeavor.

Anyway, congratulations to Sol for being profiled in a recent New Mexico news piece here:

And on a related note, Sol just announced that he is initiating a new math blog centered around programming with Wolfram Mathematica, as a further way to engage people in mathematics. He's specifically requesting assistance from any who may be willing to help him write "some simple animations," as he goes about educating himself more on this widely-used creative software program:

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Sol Lederman said...

Shecky, Thanks for the support. I appreciate it.

I'll be launching the Mathematica blog in the next week or so. Folks on the Wolfram MathGroup list will get a sneak peek at the blog before it goes live.