Friday, March 11, 2011

Huhhh, WHOAAAA!!!

From the "learn something new everyday" category:

I'd always thought that autistic savant Daniel Tammet's recitation of pi (from memory) to 22,514 digits in 2004 was an unbreakable (and unfathomable) world record. How WRONG I've been! Turns out that was only a puny European record...

Hat tip to "SquareCircleZ" blog for enlightening me that a prior 1995 world record, set by a 21-year-old Japanese student at 42,195 digits, was well surpassed in 2005 by a Japanese mental health counselor at 83,431 digits!!!! (Forget pi, one of these gents should be working on the Riemann Hypothesis! :-):

Holy Geekfest Batman!, I can barely remember my social security number... :-(

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