Monday, January 29, 2018


Over 30 years ago I was delighted to see bubblemeister Tom Noddy perform his bubble tricks/creations on TV, and so was re-delighted to see he’s still around, appearing yesterday on CBS’s “Sunday Morning” show:

In turn, looking him up on YouTube I discovered that a new generation of bubble (or "bubbleology") artists are now out there performing, carrying on the fun for children and adults alike:

Though these show-meisters don’t get into the math involved, I can’t help but think that if Richard Feynman was in attendance watching he’d be hurriedly getting out a pen and pad to scribble down equations. ;)

If you do want a little more mathematical discussion, check out this take:

…seems like “bubbles” might be a good subject for NumberphileTadashi Tokieda perhaps, or possibly Mike Lawler and the boys could do something with them (apologies if any of you have already done so and I missed it). Bubbles represent a simple (or, maybe not-so-simple) everyday intersection of math and physics. Here's ZomeTool put to use exploring bubbles:

ADDENDUM:  Mike L. sends me a link to several videos he has indeed done previously with soap bubbles :)

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