Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Looking Back...

Today just a space-filling retrospective of a few of my favorite simple posts (from the two blogs) in the year gone by (though only a few actually contain math!). In no special order:

didn't do a lot of puzzles this year, but here were a couple of quick ones:

a little math regarding primes:

a couple of lists (of websites & books):

and some commentaries, by me (rant) and by Eric Weinstein (video):

For whatever reason, the most popular (most hits) "Sunday reflection" was this one from Stanislas Dehaene:

My personal favorite reflection of the year may go all the way back to January 1 with Keith Devlin:
I couldn’t really pick out a favorite 'Friday potpourri' post, so will instead just cite two of the longer lists from the last 12 months:

That's a wrap!....

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