Monday, July 31, 2017

Claude Shannon… & Guest Posts Anyone?

Newly out, “A Mind At Play,” a biography of Claude Shannon:
(the title seems to be a play on Siobhan Roberts very successful/excellent bio of John Conway entitled “Genius At Play”)
Also, John Horgan has posted a piece on the bio and on Shannon’s life (including an old interview):
Meanwhile... I’m having limited time to devote to blog posts at moment with too many summer things intervening, but if anyone is interested in writing a math-themed “guest” post for either here or MathTango, let me know [sheckyr[AT]gmail…] and I’d consider that to pick up some of the slack! Just let me know what you have in mind (...please, no proofs of the Riemann Hypothesis, P vs. NP, etc. ;)

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