Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Riemann In the News...

Lots of interesting mathy stuff out there this week, but hey, you can’t go wrong with the crown jewel of number theory, so I’ll direct you to two pieces on the Riemann Hypothesis, if you’ve not seen them:
First, a brief interview with Barry Mazur and William Stein, authors of “Prime Numbers and the Riemann Hypothesis” (one of my favorite 2016 books):
…and then the incomparable Natalie Wolchover summarizing the latest intriguing approach from physicists to Riemann’s 150+ year-old, million-dollar conundrum:
The actual (physics) work was published last year but is just now being widely disseminated on popular media:
There are a great many other introductions to RH on the internet, including some video ones such as these:
From Numberphile:

…and from 3 Blue1Brown:

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