Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What I'm Reading...

In the middle of reading several books simultaneously, three of which I'll mention as likely recommendations (possible reviews or longer blurbs later):

The Best Writing on Mathematics 2016” ed. by Mircea Pitici 
Newly out, Pitici’s latest (7th) volume of this anthology. I’ve barely started it and it already looks fantastic; quite possibly the best yet in the series. Will review at a later date.

Know This— another of John Brockman’s Edge/essay compendiums with a great set of science thinkers on a wide variety of topics bearing on our future. Very short nuggets of thought. Once-in-awhile his volumes disappoint me, but so far not this one.

Superforecasting” by Philip Tetlock & Dan Gardner 
A volume I’ve seen nothing but positive reviews for. Since Trump’s November election I’ve especially been touting books that pertain to critical thinking and this falls in that genre.

These are all available in paperback and I think worth your consideration.

Finally, in honor of Raymond Smullyan I'm very tempted to order one of his later books, "Reflections," which appears to be very autobiographical, and reminiscent of Martin Gardner's own rambling autobiography. I always think of Gardner and Smullyan together and they were close friends (also, just recently realized that Smullyan, like Gardner, had attended the University of Chicago and studied with Rudolf Carnap).


.mau. said...

Be warned: I did not appreciate Reflections. It startes good, but in the second half of the book Smullyan rambled too much.

"Shecky Riemann" said...

OK, thanks, he actually does that in a number of his books, which is partly why I think, despite his multi-talents and prolific writing, he never gained the following that Martin Gardner had being a much more succinct, smooth writer.