Monday, January 16, 2017

Staying In The Middle...

Been some discussion around math-Web this week about the “Median Game.” It got started with this Gil Kalai posting:

A quick, simple game (requires exactly 3 people to play, and just a pad-and-pencil), intriguing because of its recursive nature, and the resultant strategizing required.
The game actually shares origins with games called “Hruska” or “Mediocrity,” created by ever-inventive Doug Hofstadter, and described in Chapter 28 of his fantastic volume, “Metamagical Themas.”
Mike Lawler took the plunge and played Median with his boys recently and they quickly picked up on some of the nuances of the game:

As has been done with other games, would be interesting to have AI people write programs to compete at Median and hold an all-computer tournament to see which program (strategy) works best (…or perhaps this has already been done?)
Anyway, check it out at Gil’s site, and if you can, get 3 folks together to wile away some time playing it.

But fair warning, it can quickly play havoc with your brain! ;)

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