Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Blog Changes...

A number of recent changes in the math blogosphere, perhaps worth mentioning:

1)  Math Drudge blog is shutting down following the death of one of its founders, Jonathan Borwein:

…but (at a very similar URL) the new Math Scholar blog will carry on from David Bailey (the other co-founder of Math Drudge):

2)  Antonio Cangiano announced that Math Blog would be going on hiatus following a devastating fire interrupting his life:

…although that was quickly followed by John McGowan saying he would take over administration of the blog for the interim (honestly, I had always thought McGowan was the principal administrator of this blog, which is among my favorites, so I’m not clear how big a change this is, or how mistaken I was?):

3)  Jason Rosenhouse covered a lot more than just math at his long-running Evolution Blog, and I always found him to be one of the clearest (and perhaps under-appreciated) explicators of math and science out there. So, quite sad to see him calling it quits after more than 10 years of elucidation:

(hoping he’ll change his mind after some rest-and-relaxation)

Jason's “The Monty Hall Problem” volume is MUST-reading, by the way, for anyone interested in that classic puzzle.
And his “Four Lives” is MUST-reading for any Raymond Smullyan fans out there.
(just to mention two of his books)
Luckily Jason has more books on the way, but will still miss his succinct, well-reasoned blog-post musings.
There may well be some other blog changes worth mentioning that I’ve missed. Feel free to mention in the comments any you think worth passing along.

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JOSEPH VARGHESE Kureethara said...

Thanks a lot for motivating. The collection of books stands at 155 now. My librarian is gracious enough to acquire most of them...