Friday, September 2, 2016

Curious...? Any Ideas?

Just a bit of light housekeeping today… see if anyone in the hivemind out there can explain to this Luddite what’s going on here….
I’ve used an adblocker in the past with Firefox and never noticed this, but recently added an adblocker to Safari and have this happening:
Normally while visiting sites the blocker shows anywhere from 1 to ~15 ads being blocked on any given page, but sometimes when I go to Yahoo Finance suddenly it starts rapidly scrolling into the 1000s — when I leave the page it’s been as high as 6000+ and still moving higher... can’t believe that many ads are really being blocked at once. Further, I can open the very same (YahooFinance) page twice (2 tabs, side-by-side essentially), and have one page show 10 blocks while the other one is showing over 6000??? (Doesn't occur on any other Yahoo page, just Finance.) Anybody know what’s likely happening here (and anything to be concerned about)?
I’ve looked at the Mac “Activity Monitor” and not noticed anything out of the ordinary (but I may not know what to look for). Also, I did recently have one of those ubiquitous MacCleaner-type malwarish elements infiltrate my laptop, but thought I’d managed to get rid of it — could some bit of it still be lingering somewhere on the machine causing this behavior, or completely unrelated?
Any ideas appreciated? I don't recall an adblocker ever registering blocks in the thousands. Not overly-concerned about it, just curious.

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MathOughts said...

Not a computer genius here, not by far, but I had a recent problem when I used an ad blocker in a Chrome application. I wanted to open my Outlook work email account using a bookmark of the site.

The site was locked, I was blocked, and then immediately a new attempt to reopen was initiated by the computer. The blocking and the re-initiation to open kept going in a cyclic fashion, until I stopped the whole ouroboros process, and tried logging in again without the bookmark.

Could that possibly be what's happening? Would the 6,000 represent the number of attempts to open sites, but not necessarily represent the number of discrete and distinct sites?

Good luck!