Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Watch 'em

Yesterday I linked to Tadashi Tokieda's videos over at Numberphile because... they are just so wonderful:

...and it occurs to me there are several YouTube video math presenters I really enjoy and ought be sure readers are aware of:

The general Numberphile site is of course almost unsurpassed in their quality, consistency, and entertaining (as well as instructional) value:

James Grime and Matt Parker are wonderful and often appear on Numberphile, but also have their own channels:



also entertaining, but perhaps less well-known is Mathologer:

Presh Talwalkar has many very-nicely-done videos from his wide-ranging blog “Mind Your Decisions”:

and finally, 3Blue1Brown is another less-well known site of good math videos:

If you're not familiar with some of these, check 'em out... but be forewarned, they can be addictive.

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MathOughts said...

Agreed. Love Numberphile. Thanks for the other links.