Tuesday, December 29, 2015

End-of-Year Retrospective

Some sort of year-end listing of favorite blog posts from the prior 12 months is a tad traditional (...and makes for a nice space-filler ;-) so I'll list these for any readers who may have missed them:


1)  In Feb. I re-ran what was actually one of my very favorite posts from prior years, on David Foster Wallace and his volume, "Everything and More":

2)  In Mar. a post related to "Penney's Game" (and probabilities) was fun:

3)  In July I recounted a quirky paradox from Futility Closet (one of the greatest purveyors of fun math out there!):

4)  In Aug. there was this quickie half-fun, half serious post:

5)  Not very mathy, but also from Aug. my personal listing of some favorite blogs/sites for following science on the Web:

6)  In Sept. I linked to a great Lior Pachter post regarding math education (this was actually one of my favorite links from the whole year!):

7)  Also in Sept. just a fun, little oddball post honoring Pierre de Fermat:

8)  This Oct. post touched on math heroes:

9)  Every year Keith Devlin inspires me with one or more of his essays, as he did this year in Oct.:

10)  A brief November post/link referenced a study connecting math and music:

And finally, from MathTango I'll just re-mention my Nov. review of the year in math books here:

Enjoy.... and Happy/Safe New Year to all, in the event I don't post again until next year!
(...I do plan to have a Friday potpourri back up this week at MathTango).


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