Monday, March 16, 2015

Badass Mathematicians... and Blogs

Here's another fun question from the Quora mathematics site -- "Who is the most badass mathematician ever?":

Fun reading... All the 'nominations' are pretty much who you would expect, but still interesting to see how people make a specific case for their individual choices -- little mini-profiles of the greats of mathematics... EXCEPT, to my utter dismay (unless I missed it), haven't seen anyone make the case for Bernhard Riemann yet! C'mon folks, the man founded perhaps THE most important, far-reaching, unsolved, incredible conjecture in all of mathematics, still being pursued after 150+ years, and nary a mention... show a little respect for your elders!! ;-)

Meanwhile "Grey Matters" just celebrated their 10th Blogiversary (a major achievement, and on Pi Day, no less) and, in celebration, posted links to many of their best posts over the years. Check it out:


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