Monday, January 26, 2015

Lip Service to Lipitor... and Social Psychology and more

(via WikimediaCommons)
It's a statistical Monday...:

First, a bit about truth-in-advertising (Big Pharma style):
[I believe the above is an earlier version of the referenced post, which I guess was a re-run(?) before Briggs' site was hacked, and had to be restored.]

....and as long as we're talking stats criticism (moving from pharma to psychology), here's another scathing overview via Deborah Mayo:

From Nassim Taleb, this graphic has been getting passed around of late, a "genealogy" of the Black Swan/"fat-tails" problem (be sure to refer to the color coding key too): 

And, finally, lo-and-behold, even xkcd is thinking about statistics this morning:

ADDENDUM:  this afternoon, A. Gelman posted the following which looks toooo good/appropriate not to include along with the above entries:

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